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Client: Direct Connect.
Task: Production Development
Skills: JavaScript Database Java
AirDC++ is an easy to use client for Advanced Direct Connect and Direct Connect networks. You are able to join "hubs" with other users, and chat, perform searches and browse the share of each user. It allows you to share files with friends and other people


  • An easy to use settings wizard for new users
  • Support for sharing different directories in different hubs
  • Real-time monitoring for share changes
  • Support for opening multiple per user connections
  • Full IPv6 support
  • Advanced sharing of partially downloaded directories/files and more efficient way of finding alternative sources
  • Support for NMDC and ADC protocols and encrypted transfers on both
  • Bandwidth controlling capabilities
  • REST/WebSocket-based API for scripting/integrations
  • Responsive web user interface to allow access from other devices